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JemRadio's mission is to spread the gospel message around the world by offering its listeners a deeper enriching, spiritual experience, this is through quality gospel music, inspirational messages and community programming.

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Our Radio & its Beginnings

Our Beginnings

JemRadio was started in Hopewell Road, St. Vincent and the Grenadines on February 9th, 2007 by Reni King an experienced broadcast technician. From his bedroom the station streamed around the world via the internet. Soon after, Dennis the brother of Reni, began managing the programming of the station, which was gospel based and invited a number of his online friends to become involved.

With its growing popularity, communication between the announcers and their listeners became necessary and as the small bedroom could not facilitate this, the station had to be moved to the dining room table. Microphones and other radio equipment soon replaced the usual dining table setting and diners had to manoeuvre around these new dining accessories to enjoy their meal. Realizing the impact the station was making and the dire need for adequate spacing, Claudina King, the mother of Reni and Dennis King, donated her flower garden space, at the front of their home for the construction of a studio building for JemRadio.

In October of 2008, construction began after a ground breaking ceremony. The building of JemRadio's studio was a true test of faith, with little money and limited resources the family and friends all jumped in to see this project go forward. Members of the JemRadio community also worked tirelessly, in blazing sun and pouring rain to construct the studio building. Donations were made by a number of supporters, some monatory and others in the form of building materials, labour and well wishes. A number of contributions were made from online supporters who were motivated by the exercise of courage and faith exhibited by the King family. Soon after the building was completed.

On Friday, July 17th, 2009 at 12:00 p.m sharp JemRadio began officially broadcasting to the Marriaqua community as a Community Radio Station on the frequency 89.1FM. On November 22nd, 2009 the studio building was dedicated and JemRadio was officially launched to the Vincentian community of Marriaqua and the wider world as a non-profit gospel radio station.

Persons from within the Marriaqua community and beyond began volunteering their time and talents to JemRadio. Their contributions added variety and spice to the JemRadio programming. The station became known for delivering to its listeners uplifting, quality gospel music and programming in a simple refreshing format

Our Mission

JemRadio's mission is to spread the gospel message around the world by offering its listeners a deeper enriching, spiritual experience, this is through quality gospel music, inspirational messages and community programming.

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Our Programming

Our Station Programming

Daily spoken words, Children  Stories, Health Nuggets, Inspirational Songs, and Community Programming.

Not to be missed

Tune in every Friday night at 7:30 for Jem Praise & Worship and the interactive Jem Talk programme with Bro. Isaac Roberts and Bro. Wilmot Williams.  You will be blessed.

Special Features

Programming for Children

Children's Corner with Aunty Terry

Programming for Lifestyle

Spotlight on Health

Programming for Reflection

I Remember the Good 'Ole Days!

Programming for Praise

Get on board the Sunday Morning Glory Train!


Meet our team


Announcer's Name: Kool King
Real Name: Reni King
Location: Hopewell St. Vincent
Birthplace: St. Vincent
Service to Jem: Founder/Broadcast Technician


Announcer's Name: DJ King, the Radio Doctor
Real Name: Dennis King
Location: St. Vincent
Birthplace: St. Vincent
Service to Jem: Programme Manager/ Announcer


Name: Deighton Alleyne
Location: St.Peter, Barbados
Birth date: 8th October
Birthplace: Bridgetown, Barbados
Service to Jem: Volunteer
Announcer's Name: Guest Announcer


Announcer's Name: DJ Romaine
Real name:  Romaine Bailey
Location: Kingston, Jamaica
Birthdate: 26th March
Birthplace: Manchester, Jamaica
Occupation:  Student/Teacher/News Reporter


Announcer's Name: AsaphShortteReal Name: Asaph Shortte
Location: St. Vincent
Birthplace: St. Vincent
Service to Jem: Announcer


Announcer's Name: GIG
Real Name: Craig Francis
Location: St. Lucia
Birth date: 27th May 1986
Birthplace: St. Lucia
Service to Jem: Volunteer


Announcer's Name: D-Zyne
Real Name: Orville Rogers
Location: The Netherlands (Holland)
Birth date:7th October
Birthplace: Saint Martin (Netherlands Antilles)
Service to Jem: Volunteer


Announcer's Name: DJ Travy
Real Name: Travis Cain
Location: St. Vincent
Birthplace: St. Vincent
Service to Jem: Announcer


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Our station community


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Advertising with JemRadio

Jem Radio is a non-profit Christian organization. However to keep our programming going and expanding we also offer advertising packages.

Radio is still one of the most effective ways to reach a target audience. With just one buy you can reach our listener base whether on our FM Channel or our online listeners.

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Supporting this ministry

JemRadio is a Christian media ministry dedicated to spreading the “Three Angels Messages” and the good news of Jesus' soon return. Our work is totally dependent on the support of people like you who share this vision and desire to help us continue our worldwide outreach.

If you would like to make a personal gift to support our ministry in St.Vincent & the Grenadines you can use the options below.

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Via mail

If you would prefer to donate by mail, you can send your cheque or International money order to:

P.O. Box 1419
Hopewell Road
St. Vincent W.I

Bank Deposit

Account information: The Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

JemRadio's account # 103781
Swift Code #: V V C 22


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We love hearing from our listeners! When you write, please let us know your name and where you're from. Also, we would love to know how you heard about us, as well as what the station means to you. Thanks!

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Tel: 784-451-3827

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